James Travers-Murison

 James is an internationally qualified yoga teacher and was a lawyer from Melbourne who worked in top international firms worldwide. Has over 25 years experience in yoga worldwide and has spent years in India with masters and will be there to personally guide you through your deep inner experiences and awakening to find out who you really are and how love and life can fulfill you beyond all expectations. He embraces all religions and is interfaith.

An introduction to Ascension yoga following Patanjali using chakra meditation with the yamas and niyamas before asanas then pranayama and finishing with dhyana meditation on the rainbow colours of the spine red to purple according to the chakra mandalas and yantras. See www.yogaretreat.net.au for retreats offered in Nymboida. There will be a week Ascension yoga retreat in July. Places are limited to eight maximum.



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Posted on

April 5, 2019