Mother, Lover, Speaker, Teacher, Facilitator, Revolutionary Visionary & Leader in restoring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sovereignty. Anastasia is leading a movement of people connected to their life force energy and has worked with thousands across the globe to ignite and cultivate a life that will bring true fulfilment and creating empowerment in all areas of life, health, relationships, family, money and sexuality.

Deeply passionate about the human experience, Anastasia has devoted and immersed herself in understanding the aspects of human experience and what creates empowerment, healing and change for 20 years. Beginning as a Psychologist, now integrating Shamanic wisdom, energy healing and plant medicine to support people to come back to their natural whole selves. Guiding people to come out of disempowerment and disconnection and to reclaim their power and sovereignty of their physical body, mind, emotions, spirit and soul. So that you can feel alive and in love with life again… or for the very first time.

Anastasia is co-creator of “Sisters of the Rising Serpent” creating products and experiences for women to return to their natural vibrant and magickal state through connecting with their creational hub, their womb.

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April 5, 2019